Bewitched's - " Kasey Rogers"

In order for a sport to succeed, there needs to be dedicated people who devote their lives for the cause.  Kasey Rogers is one of those people.  From the age of 20, Kasey was a professional actor.

In 1971, her son expressed an interest in getting a motorcycle.  "You want WHAT?" she said.  She got him one and started taking him to Indian Dunes on Friday evenings.  He won his first race.  Then, she started taking him on Sundays as well.  At this point, she was getting the bug.

Kasey bought her first bike, a Honda 500-4 street bike.  Those silly guys at the shop where she bought it let her ride it home.  She couldn't turn it around in a cul-de-sac.  She made it though and for Christmas she got her first 125cc dirt bike.

In 1972, she seriously began riding.  She also wrote a Powder Puff column for Modern Cycle Magazine and doing feature stories on the mini-cycle nationals and other racing events.

1974 was a great year for women in the sport as Kasey established the PURR "PowderPuffs Unlimited Riders and Racers" association.  This same year, the first ever Powder Puff National was held on July 6 & 7th at Indian Dunes Motorcycle under her guidance.

Sue Fish was the woman to beat during this time.  Kasey continued to promote women's racing throughout the 70's which proved to be a decade she won't miss for anything.

In 1975, Kasey met the Superbowl of Motocross promoter and persuaded him to allow 10 of the top women to compete in an Women's Invitational Trophy Dash at the Los Angeles Coliseum before 80,000 spectators.  The night proved to be a great success, one to go down in history.

Not only did Kasey promote during the 70's, she also competed when she could.  Dubbed "Wrong Way Rogers", Kasey raced with the Dirt Diggers during their grand prix events at well known Southern California motorcycle parks.

In 1977, she stopped racing because her son phased out of racing and with no one to wrench on her bikes or go with her, she phased out too.

Kasey Rogers not only is a pioneer of women's motocross, she is well-know for her role as Louise Tate (Larry Tate's wife) on "Bewitched".

Women supporters from all walks of life have contributed to what is known as women's motocross today.  If it wasn't for Kasey, the Powder Puff class of yesterday may not have developed into what is know as the Women's Pro class today.

Thank You Kasey, for paving the way for all of us who has dared to climb on a motorcycle and do what most won't.